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The heart is a biomechanical organ that produces electricity for the body to function and be alive. The electromagnetic field of the heart can be felt but not seen by the human eye. A very real example of feeling the electromagnetic field of the heart, is that warm fuzy feeling of being close to a loved one. This electromagnetic field effects the entire body, as well as it’s external enviornment. The heart is designed to feel, as it’s primary sense. By feeling a non-physical reality, you begin to tap into the mysterious beauty of what it means to be alive.

The body’s energy field can be effected by emotions, stress, and the ever changing circumstances of life. The physical layer of the body is only one layer of the human body in it’s entirety. The energetic body is connected to all vital areas of the body including the organs. When disease is present in the body, there is always an emotional/energetic correlation to the disease or reason for injury. Heal Your Body is a book by Louise Hay, that goes in depth with this concept and the connection between emotions and imbalances in the body. Chinese Medicine also integrates this concept with in depth analysis on the Meridians and Energy Centers of the body.

To consider the wellness of your being in its entirety, your energetic body must be taken into account. It’s not just a whimsical spiritual concept, the energetic body is proven by science to exist. Tapping into your energetic centers, clearing, rebalancing and replenishing your energy field is absolutely beneficial to your emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical well being. All layers are connected! The results not only elevate your experience, but will also enhance your experience and interactions with those around you.

Energy Medicine

Wholistic Life Coaching

Living on Earth during these times can be tough while maintaining a healthy mindset, and quality of life. Being conscious of how we are affecting all aspects of our lives and how our relationship to those aspects ultimately effect us in one way or another, is a part of adopting a Wholistic Lifestyle. A whole picture perspective can lead you to relieve pain or stagnation from certain areas in life that are directly connected to another area, that maybe was not considered. This whole-istic mindset is key to sustainable developement in the evolution of consciousness.

I am currently accepting applications for anyone ready for this step in their evolution!



Jade is a powerful Healer, Intuitive, and Creative Visionary. She has gained much of her wisdom through empathetic awareness and a distinct experiential connection to Source. Jade is Clairivoyant, Clariaudient, Clarisentient. She has independently studied holistic health and plant medicine practices for over 5 years. Her gift as a healer were initiated in 2011 and inherited through her family lineage.

Jade’s art is primarily sourced from visions received in meditation and dreams. Her art portrays the invisible dimensions that are intimately connected to our reality.

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