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Wholistic Life Coaching & Integrative Healing

Living on Earth during these times can be tough while maintaining a healthy mindset, and quality of life. Being conscious of how we are affecting all aspects of our lives and how our relationship to those aspects ultimately effect us in one way or another, is a part of adopting a Wholistic Lifestyle. A whole picture perspective can lead you to relieve pain or stagnation from certain areas in life that are directly connected to another area. A wholistic mindset and lifestyle is key to sustainability in the evolution of consciousness, self mastery, authentic sovergnty and liberation .

I am currently accepting applications for anyone in need of support and ready for this next step in their soul’s evolution!


Shamanic Healing Tools

Energy Medicine



Energy Medicine is used to clear and rebalance one’s energy field that may have shifted out of balance. The environment we live in today, easily creates imbalance in one’s energy. This includes our physical environment as well as our societal & personal obligations that cause stress. This involves:

• Chakra Clearing & Energy Release

• Reconnect, Re-Balance & Repair of Energy Field

• Light Code Heart Radiance Activation

Sound Healing 



Quantum Healing is used to target the root cause of distress or specific issues to effectively promote the ability to heal on a multi-dimensional level. This involves Inner Child Healing, Timeline Resolution and/or Soul Retrivals. This level of healing is typically followed by an activation that was blocked by trauma or continuous stress.

• Energy Medicine +

• Quantum Inner Child Healing

• Soul Retrival Timeline Resolution

• Light Code Full Body Radiance Activation

Journey Work


Journey Work is a guided shamanic meditation practice facilitated to find answers within your inner cosmos, to assist you on your personal journey. Discover answers & totems that can help you through life circumstances. Journey Work can help focalize where energetic healing might be needed. Every session is different depending on your needs.



Art Therapy is a cathartic creative exercise that helps process trapped or repressed emotions. By creating art, with no judgment, as free expression, you are able to explore and process thoughts or situational circumstances with creativity. This process helps liberate your sense of expression while reconnecting with the Creative Spirit.

:: Packages Available ::

A Full Spectrum Mind, Body, Soul Healing + Guided Integration Journey

Root Cause


:: 3 Months ::
Package Includes

• 6 Coaching Sessions ( 1hr. each)

• Energy Healing Session

• Shamanic Journey Work Sesssion

• Chord / Womb Clearing Ceremony

• Somatic Movement Exercises

• Art Therapy Exercises



:: 6 months ::
Package Includes

• 12 Coaching Sessions ( 1hr. each)

• 2 Energy Healing Sessions

• Shamanic Journey Work Sesssion

• Chord / Womb Clearing Ceremony

• Somatic Movement Exercises

• Art Therapy Exercises


+ Sol Portrait

:: 9 Months ::
Package Includes

• 18 Coaching Sessions ( 1hr. each)

• 3 Energy Healing Sessions

• 2 Shamanic Journey Work Sessions

• Chord / Womb Clearing Ceremony

• Somatic Movement Exercises

• Art Therapy Exercises

• Sol Portrait Painting

*Pricing depends on size of painting

Scholarships Available!

If you are experiencing financial hardship but feel a deep resonance to work with Jade. There is a Scholarship oppurtunity available for partial coverage of the basic package or full coverage a single coaching session.

Please apply below to see if you qualify!

Schedule a Free Consultation Call

If you are unsure of which package is the best alignment for you or if you would like to learn more about what an Energy Session is like, we can dive deeper on how my offerings may serve you best.



Jade is a powerful Healer, Intuitive, and Creative Visionary. She has gained much of her wisdom through empathetic awareness and a distinct experiential connection to Source, Divine Creator. Jade is Clairivoyant, she practices Yoga, Dance, Painting, Illustration and playing music. She has independently studied holistic wellness, shamantic healing modalities and herbalism for over 10 years. Her gifts as a healer were initiated in 2011 and inherited through her family lineage.

Jade’s art is primarily sourced from visions received in meditation, dreams and in the waking state. Her art portrays the invisible dimensions that we are intimately connected to known as the metaphysical, energetic realms.

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Once You Are Ready

You will begin to see how everything in your life has been orchestrated in favor of the evolution of your Sol. Your Happiness and well being are direct reflections of how aligned you are to your True Radiance & Purpose. Signs of imbalance or dis-ease are purely indications of where attention is needed for one reason or another. This can be felt as pain, low energy or other emotional forms of suffering to indicate that there is some kind of shift needed to better sync with your whole system. Your whole system includes the many dimensional...

Astrology : Language of the Stars

'Astro-logy' means "the language of the stars". Mainstream, Western Astrology (Tropical Astrology) is not truely accurate to our orientation with the stars around us. In reality, each constellation does NOT section the sky in 12 even parts, the way Western Astrology portrays. This of course, brings argument to much of the information out there that characterizes traits of people a certain way based on when they were born. If you have ever read or listened to a horoscope that did not feel accurate to you, this could be why! You could actually be...


Aries April 19 - May 13 ( Traditional / Western Astro: Mar 21 - Apr 20 ) Element: Fire  |  Ruling Planet: Mars  |  Quality: CardinalAs the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, Aries is situated to the east of Pisces and to the west of Taurus. People under the Aries sign are like a child who is frank, enthusiastic, impulsive, self-centered and childish. Since Aries is the first astrological sign in spring during which everything comes to life, the Arians are always vigorous and passionate. PERSONALITY StrengthsArians are enthusiastic, vigorous...
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