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Once You Are Ready

You will begin to see how everything in your life has been orchestrated in favor of the evolution of your Sol. Your Happiness and well being are direct reflections of how aligned you are to your True Radiance & Purpose. Signs of imbalance or dis-ease are purely indications of where attention is needed for one reason or another. This can be felt as pain, low energy or other other emotional forms of suffering to indicate that there is some kind of shift needed to better sync with your whole system. Your whole system includes the many dimensional...




Kauai Sustainability Project

My Vision of Kauai is to be 100% Sustainable by 2025. As a remote island it is essential to adopt sustainability practices and to live more green. I’ve been to places like Portland, Seattle, and Austin that do a better job about eco-friendly initiatives than Hawaii does. Honoring the ‘Aina (the land) is a part of Hawaiian culture. Unfortunately those values have been faded out since the take over of the U.S. I feel that it is absolutely essential to revive these values and really make an effort to shift the moderen Hawaiian life style to prioritize eco-conscious practices. If you feel passionate about this project, please contact me direcly to discover ways to get involved. Mahalo Nui!

Waking Existence : Podcast Radio

This podcast is intended to support those of us that have awakened or are awakening to the state of our current reality here on Earth. We are here to help you navigate through this transformational time, towards a more harmonic, (w)holistic, sustainable, regenerative reality that will benfit all of humanity. WE will be interviewing visionaries, change makers and innovators that can shine light on the pathways and tools available to us for a better brighter future ahead. Visit: www.patreon.com/wakingExistence to support the movement!






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