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“I hold the vision of humanity living in balance with our planet and with one another. I envision cultivating a world where the power of love overcomes the love of power. Where our existence is beneficial to our environment, not detrimental. Where our co-existence is a beautiful work of art as we design our collective reality together. This involves deep healing, clearing childhood trauma, and tapping into our cosmic and earthly ancestry. I am here to support those ready to heal, and integrate all the hard lessons life has provided. So that you can shine brightly with purpose in the name of love. Let us put our energy towards building a better future. One where we are thriving, and so clear in our truth that no deception can have power over our lives any longer. I am here to help activate this upgrade within each of us, for the sake of true wellness & vitality; on a spiritual, emotional, energetic & physical level, so that we can each experience the best life we can possibly live. Join me!”


– Jade of Arcadia

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Art as Medicine

There is something so special about the creation process. To let go and allow yourself to create something out of nothing taps you into the beautiful mystery of the Creative Spirit and express what words cannot.

My artistic journey was birthed out of a need to heal and escape beyond the walls of my confinement. If I could not travel, I would paint. If I felt confused or worried, I would paint. If I felt anxious I would paint. If I needed to just think for awhile, I would paint. Painting became my teacher, my medicine, and my muse. This is a gift that is meant to be shared.

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Wholistic Mama : Podcast

This podcast is in support of the motherhood journey and covers topics like: preparing a space of love for baby, natural birthing vs. conventional birthing, vital nutrition, stress management, hypnobirthing, orgasmic birthing, womb clearings, ancestral healing, inner child healing, mindfulness, eco-friendly products and practices that can support the family, and so much more! I am here to share my journey, share my gifts and share my radiant visions for future generations.

Rise of the Butterfly

RISE, co-founded by acclaimed visual artist, Layla Love, pairs art with activism to raise awareness and funding for survivors of human trafficking around the globe. RISE recently launched a sustainable clothing line, as wearable art that will provide direct funding to survivors while amplifying the anti-human trafficking campaign. All clothing is ethically produced using the most sustainable materials possible. || Use Code JADE10 to recieve 10% off any purchase in the Rise of The Butterfly shop. ||

Visit: to learn more and explore Layla’s shop.


Kauai Sustainability Project

My Vision of Kauai is to be 100% Self Sustainable. As a remote island it is essential to adopt sustainability practices and to live more green. I’ve been to places like Portland, Seattle, and Austin that do a better job about eco-friendly initiatives than Hawaii does. Honoring the ‘Aina, the land, is a part of Hawaiian culture. It is absolutely essential to revive these values truly make an effort to prioritize eco-conscious practices.


If you are a business owner / entrepreneur wanting to become more eco-friendly and pono to our environment, please contact me for Green Business Solutions.
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