Healing Offerings

Transformational Sessions


Intuitive, Spiritual & Practical Guidance can help elevate and motivate you to make small shifts for a greater purpose.

Gain clear insight on how to enhance your wellbeing or shift life circumstances, to align with your most rewarding path.

1 hr | $50

(Free Initial Consultation)

Journey Work Therapy is a guided shamanic meditation practice facilitated to find answers within your inner cosmos, to assist you on your personal journey.

Discover answers & totems that can help you through life circumstances. Journey Work can help focalize where energetic healing might be needed. Every session is different depending on your needs. Sol Retrivals are recieved upon request to mend fragmented aspects of Self.

1 – 1.5 hours | $80

Energy Work Sessions

Energy Medicine

• Chakra Clearing & Energy Release

• Reconnect, Re-Balance & Repair Energy Field

• Light Code Heart Radiance Activation

 Crystal Bowl Sound Healing


1 hour $95

Quantum Energy Healing

• Chakra Clearing & Energy Release

• Reconnect, Re-Balance & Repair Energy Field

• Sol Retrival & Timeline Resolution

• Light Code Full Body Radiance Activation

• Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

2 hours  $185


Creative Vision Quest

• Guided Journey Work

• Sol Retrieval / Totem Activation

• Integrative Sound Healing

• Creative Expression Exercise

1.5 – 2 hours $155

Private Immersive Vision Quest

 Nature Excursion on Kauai trails

 Journey Work in a Natural Setting

• Plant & Tree Spirit Connection

• Elemental Matrix Synchronization

• Integrative Sound Healing

• Animal Totem Analysis 

3 – 4 hours $270

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