Blessed Henna

Get adorned with my handmade all organic henna tattooing. This is a healing temporary tattoo lasting up to 2 weeks, that will imbue your body with energetic healing frequencies.

As an energy healer, I activate the henna paste I am using on others to share blessings above what Henna provides naturally. Henna conditions both skin & hair.

Natural Henna paste is made with the dried, powdered leaf of the Henna plant, mixed with liquid, sugar and essential oils. The leaves of a henna plant contain a dye which stains your skin. The dye molecule (lawsone) binds to the keratin in your skin, which makes it a permanent stain!

Henna penetrates only the top few layers of skin, so as your skin exfoliates away naturally, so does the henna stain. This is what makes it temporary compared to a permanent ink tattoo.

The stain will gradually darken over the course of about 48 hours by the process of oxidation. The design can last up to 2 weeks, depending on how well you avoid water (which will fade the stain).

Natural Henna is extremely safe, and has been used as a form of body art for thousands of years. It is extremely rare for someone to have an adverse reaction to henna. If you are sensitive to certain essential oils, please let the artist know!

Single Henna Tattoo

$20 – $65 
( price varies by complexity )

Belly Blessing

$75 – $275 
( 1 – 2hr. price varies by complexity )

Private Parties

$100 – (2 hrs. 10 person max)
+ $20 per additional person
$200 – (3 Hrs. 20 person max)

Henna Care

• Wait about 20 minutes before touching fresh henna paste to avoid smearing.

• Once completely dry, ask artist for a “spray” before leaving (this is free of water)

• Avoid water for as long as possible to allow stain to penetrate skin layers. (Atleast 4 hrs. for best staining)

• Flaking is normal. If dry henna paste is still on skin by the time you are ready for bed, scratch / scrape off remaining henna paste.

• Apply natural balm / skin oil (ie. Coconut Oil, etc) to stained skin before exposing to water

• Avoid water on stained skin as much as possible!

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