Radiant Visions fuses the world of creative arts, healing, and conscious co-creation. As a designer, I collaborate with entrepreneurs and organizations that are creating a positive impact. My mission here is to help inspire and guide those that are ready to make a beneficial shift in their lives individually or for the collective. As an artist, I pierce the veil of possibility and paint visions of mystical realms within the radiant, transformational journey ahead.

I hold the vision of humanity living in balance with our planet and one another. I envision cultivating a world where the power of love overcomes the love of power. Where our existence is beneficial to our environment, not detrimental. Where our co-existence is harmonic. Together we are designing our collective reality and it’s time to be mindful of that. I choose to put my energy towards building a better future. One where we thrive and uplift each other.

Bestowed with natural gifts of healing and clairvoyance, I expand my offerings to include Energetic Support and Coaching. I am here to help activate change for the sake of true wellness & vitality; on a spiritual, emotional, energetic & physical level. My offerings include Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching, Regenerative Energy Work, Journey Work / Guided Meditation, Therapeutic Art Sessions, Blessed Henna Tattooing, Multi-Media Design and more. 



Jade is a powerful Healer, Intuitive, and Creative Eco-Visionary. She has gained much of her wisdom through empathetic awareness and a distinct experiential connection to Source. Jade is Clairivoyant, Clariaudient, Clarisentient. She has independently studied holistic health and plant medicine practices for over 5 years. Her gift as a healer were initiated in 2011 and inherited through her family lineage. Her gifts of healing and intimate connection with the divine are channeled through into her artwork for those to experience as a visual journey.

Though much of Jade’s interest is in Holistic Wellness and Healings Arts, she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Arts & Design, received in 2009. Which she has used primarily to work independently with change makers seeking visual representation.

Jade’s Artwork is primarily sourced from visions received in meditation and dreams. Her art portrays the metaphysical dimensions that are intimately connected to our reality. Her live paintings are birthed from the spirit of music, allowing viewers to experience the journey of creative discovery.

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