Portfolio of Visions


My mission here is to help enrich the lives of those in need of support and guidance that are ready to make a positive shift in their lives. Together we are re-designing a better future, a better story. One where we live in balance with our internal and external environment. Where the harmony felt in our reality catapults our roles within humanity forward. Each individual shift initiates a broader motion towards planetary evolution. I am here to help guide those ready to activate change in their lives for the sake of wellness & vitality; on a spiritual, emotional, energetic & physical level. 

Every single one of us holds a piece of the puzzle that is our genuine authentic imprint. The discovery & revival of our true essence is vital to our collective reality. Sometimes our gifts, and talents can get muddled by societal programming or child hood trauma. When this happens our distinct imprint, or what we feel to be our purpose, becomes distorted causing us to fall out of balance with our true identity and gifts. It is part of our Sol’s journey to explore our intimate connection with the Universe, to reach self mastery and actualize our  purpose. 

Let us journey deep… revitalize… and design a better reality together! 

With Love & Grace,



Jade is a powerful Healer, Intuitive, and Creative Visionary. She has gained much of her wisdom through empathetic awareness and a distinct experiential connection to Great Spirit. In her healing sessions, she works  directly with Source Prime Creator, guided by Christ to channel the highest of pure love energy. Jade upholds a clean and healthy lifestyle to anchor in clear and pure high frequency life force energy to run through her vessel for the benefit of others. Jade is Clairivoyant, Clariaudient, Clarisentient and carries the codes and mystery school teachings of the Magdalene. She has studied holistic health and plant medicine practices for over 5 years. Her gift as a healer were initiated in 2011 and inherited through her family lineage.

Jade’s art is primarily sourced from visions received in meditation and dreams.