Astrology : Language of the Stars

by | Nov 7, 2023

‘Astro-logy’ means “the language of the stars”. Mainstream, Western Astrology (Tropical Astrology) is not truely accurate to our orientation with the stars around us. In reality, each constellation does NOT section the sky in 12 even parts, the way Western Astrology portrays. This of course, brings argument to much of the information out there that characterizes traits of people a certain way based on when they were born. If you have ever read or listened to a horoscope that did not feel accurate to you, this could be why! You could actually be referencing the wrong sign then the one you were truly born into. 

This is another great example on why you should not believe everything you are taught. Everything should be taken with discernment. Not all information is accurate and as students of the Earth, we are ALL still learning more and more about our universe. We uncover so much new information today, and even very old information that has been hidden, which now can seem “new”.

Sidereal Astrology, sometimes referred to as Constellational Astrology or Astronomical Astrology, is a more accurate form of astrology that uses the actual constellations instead of an approximate “seasonal” zodiac. Sidereal means “oriented to the stars“. This form of astrology includes 13 zodiac signs instead of 12. The forgotten sign, Ophiscius sits between Scorpio and Sagittarius. There are many Sidereal Astrology birth chart calculators now available, for anyone interested in learning more about what may be different about their charts that may possibly resonate more accurately with you.

This information is not meant to discredit Western Astrology, but instead to expand limited beliefs and shatter any feelings of potential misalignment with the wisdom of the stars. I personally resonate with the discovery of having my Sun actually be in Ophiuchus as oppose to Sagittarius. I do not fully disagree with having Sagitarrius like traits but a more accurate depiction of me is that “My Sun is in Ophiscius, in the season of Sagittarius”. Season, referring to my placement in Western Astrology. It may help to shift your understanding of Western Astrology chart readings to be portraying the “seasons of the zodiac”.

In Western Astrology, the seasons of each sign usually begin around the 20th – 22nd of each month. The presence of the sun in each constellation can have notable effects and characteristics that influence our experiences. When the moon is any of these Astrological signs, that can also have an effect on the vibe of each month or time period.

Astrology is so fascinating to explore and can be very helpful in navigating through the influences around you. Each Astrological sign should be seen as “Influences” and not as a fixed, limited box. Your Zodiac sign does not mean “you are that sign”. It means you were born with the Sun in that area of the sky, which has created an imprint on you. Tracking the Sun, Moon, Planets and stars can be incredibly insightful to your path or the vibe of the season but it should never limit you on your unique growth! ⋆˙⟡Embrace the tendencies inherited from the energy of these signs, and most importantly, transcend them! ⋆˙⟡

Below are all 13 Zodiac Signs, using Sidereal Astrology, with an approximate date range, but these dates may vary depending on the year you were born. So I suggest using a Sidereal Birth Chart Calculator to discover your accurate chart.


April 19 – May 13 ( Traditional / Western Astro: Mar 21 – Apr 20 )
Element: Fire  |  Ruling Planet: Mars  |  Quality: Cardinal


May 14 – June 19 ( Western Astrology: Apr 21 – May 21 )
Element: Earth  |  Ruling Planet: Venus  |  Quality: Fixed


June 20 – July 20 ( Western Astrology: May 22 – Jun 21 )
Element: Air  |  Ruling Planet: Mercury  |  Quality: Mutable


July 21 – August 9 ( Western Astrology: Jun 22 – Jul 22 )
Element: Water  |  Ruling Planet: Moon  |  Quality: Cardinal


August 10 – September 15 ( Western Astrology: July 23 – Aug 22 )
Element: Fire  |  Ruling Planet: Sun  |  Quality: Fixed


September 16 – October 30 ( Western Astrology: Aug 23 – Sep 22 )
Element: Earth  |  Ruling Planet: Mercury  |  Quality: Mutable


October 31 – November 22 ( Western Astrology: Sep 23 – Oct 22 )
Element: Air  |  Ruling Planet: Venus  |  Quality: Cardinal


November 23 – 29 ( Western Astrology: Oct 23 – Nov 22 )
Element: Water  |  Ruling Planet: Mars  |  Quality: Fixed


Nov. 30 – Dec. 17 ( Western Astrology: Non-Existent )
Element: Fire/Ether  |  Ruling Planet: Jupiter  |  Quality: Mutable


December 18 – January 18 ( Western Astrology: Nov 23 – Dec 21 )
Element: Fire  |  Ruling Planet: Jupiter  |  Quality: Mutable


January 19 – February 15 ( Western Astrology: Dec 22 – Jan 20 )
Element: Earth  |  Ruling Planet: Saturn  |  Quality: Cardinal


February 16 – March 11 ( Western Astrology: Jan 21 – Feb 19 )
Element: Air  |  Ruling Planet: Saturn  |  Quality: Fixed


March 12 – April 18 ( Western Astrology: Feb 20 – Mar 20 )
Element: Water  |  Ruling Planet: Jupiter  |  Quality: Mutable
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