April 19 – May 13 ( Traditional / Western Astro: Mar 21 – Apr 20 )
Element: Fire  |  Ruling Planet: Mars  |  Quality: Cardinal

As the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, Aries is situated to the east of Pisces and to the west of Taurus. People under the Aries sign are like a child who is frank, enthusiastic, impulsive, self-centered and childish. Since Aries is the first astrological sign in spring during which everything comes to life, the Arians are always vigorous and passionate.


Arians are enthusiastic, vigorous and brave enough to accept the challenge; they tend to be very active and frank in taking actions, often optimistically and confidently. They are decisive, forthright, adventurous, ambitious, full of vitality and faithful to friends; they love freedom and spare no pains to achieve their goals.

Arians are impatient, careless, harsh, irritable, aggressive, impulsive and selfish and tend to speak thoughtlessly; they are self-centered and unthoughtful in taking actions.


Aries men are very energetic and they are passionate for admiration and novelty, showing an overriding spirit. In their personality, there is no belief in any failure but passion and advance despite difficulties. No matter at work or in love relationship, they prefer to sweep into it and make quick decisions.

As a result, male Arians are regarded as typical workaholics leading a fast pace of life and acting quickly. For them, romance is just a kind of recreation in life and never the whole of life. They would neither show the warmth for family nor have the sense of family before the birth of their children. Besides, male Aries like to pursue their own taste and will at home and seldom consider how their family feel, which is a thorn in the latter’s side.


Perhaps no one will object if male Aries are said to be the ”real men”. With a cheerful personality, Aries men are always full of hopeful energy. Wherever they go, they make people around feel the endless vitality and energy. They are simple, sincere and direct and would act immediately when they come up with an idea. With the fearless spirit of adventure, they are just like the newborn calf afraid of nothing. Because of this, they can face the difficulties bravely like the real men.


One of the personality traits defining them as good men is that they are enthusiastic and inclusive. In daily life, men under the Aries sign are helpful and would take the initiative to help those in need or in trouble. Whether they are in good or bad terms with those in trouble, they are lavish in their help as long as they can. Since they know it clearly that everyone has shortcomings, they are inclusive to others and can see the strengths and accept the flaws of other people.


In the personality characteristics of male Aries, there is no guile and scheming. If a male Aries of fire sign breaks off a friendship with someone, it can be easily seen by appearances – he will speak coldly and show the boredom clearly; meanwhile, he will express his inner thoughts with several harsh words. On the other hand, it is not serious when he gets into a rage and goes mad, because it means he is seized with a sudden impulse and will calm down soon and you can still be reconciled to him. What you really need to worry about is when he starts a cold war with you.


Aries men are innate rebels who like to challenge authority and consider themselves smarter than others. Perhaps they are smarter, but most people do not appreciate their boasting. Since they are rebellious and obtrusive and always show off how good they are, male Aries can sustain the worst losses. They are so eager to lead others and unwilling to give in that they would be hurt deeply when taught a lesson by those who are more powerful and seek help and solace from their loved ones, so as to become confident.


Full of fighting spirit, female Aries are fiery and maybe aggressive, never ready to throw in the towel. Instead, their courage mounts as the battle progresses! They are vigorous, fearless and brave enough to pursue their ideals. Aries girls are motivated to go – once they have goals, they would take action accordingly and never procrastinate out of any excuse, making others quite admire. At the same time, they are somewhat selfish, most afraid of failure and self-centered, want to be the first for everything, cannot afford to lose and lack of team spirit.

Under the tame and harmless appearance is the ambition of Aries women, who wish to be above others in a team. This kind of comparing mentality is quite simple and involves no secret infighting, so they are still kind. In love relationship, they are the typical fickle women fond of challenges, go after fresh things and like to conquer by nature. As a result, they cannot pretend to be insensible to the good men around and dislike suppressing themselves. The responsible female Aries would take the initiative to undertake the due obligations when needed.


Perhaps it is because female Aries are born in spring that they seem to be blessed by the Goddess of Spring with endless vitality which cannot be hidden or blocked. Whenever and wherever the Aries girls present, the place will be full of laughter, even if it is at the moment of despair and everyone will feel that hope is not far away and won’t sense the loneliness of doomsday since Aries girls bring them vitality and hope. Because of this, Aries girls are popular among men since they can make the latter feel relaxed and happy with vitality and rarely become jealous or moody; meanwhile, they also bring joys to other women and infect people around with the optimistic attitude. If you stay with a female Aries, you will never lack of motivation.


In daily life, female Aries tend to judge things by intuition. As long as they think something is right, they will do it right away. Moreover, they are compassionate, caring and willing to help the disadvantaged. Though they know the worldly wisdom, the pure Aries women would rather be betrayed than the opposite.


Aries women shall rid themselves of being impatient. They often get impatient before others could finish their words and get down to work before their bosses could make it clear. Therefore, they usually do it wrong, waster a lot of time and leave an impatient impression to friends or superiors who dare not to assign you something particularly important.


Growing up under a lot of love, Aries girls are as arrogant and willful as princess and would do everything to get what they want, even those they don’t deserve. On the face of it, they are cheerful and often make others happy. Only if you get along with them for a long time can you find that they are actually overbearing and egoistic and any disobey would jar on them.

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